David Lloyd’s KICKBACK: Essential Graphic Novel

EN Some time ago, a gracious editor from the ESQUIRE (Middle East) magazine contacted me because they were running a feature about “ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS” recommended by Comic Book Stores from all over the world. I sent them my contribution (recommending David Lloyd’s KICKBACK – a BLOODY BRILLIANT Graphic Novel).

Today I received a “Limited Edition” of the issue where my text was published. These are the (beautifully designed) pages with the recommendations from all over the world, published in ESQUIRE:



And for those interested in reading about the Graphic Novel KICKBACK, written and illustrated by the brilliant David Lloyd, here is the text:


You can search for this Graphic Novel (and many others) at the Livraria Sétima Dimensão [Seventh Dimension Bookstore]: http://setimadimensao.com/x/