Archangel Saraqael

Archangel Saraqael – Stencil & Spray paint (2010)

In Roman Catholicism, Archangels are believed to be God’s liaisons between the deity and mankind.

Several times, archangels are described, notably, having human attributes. For example, they appear human in form appear to be indistinguishable from mankind, whenever is convenient or necessary.


Prints available here.

Watercolor: pyromaniac of souls

EN Some time ago, a friend commissioned me a watercolor painting of a special lady. Here is the final work, following a principle one of my watercolor masters repeated often: never paint just a portrait, always paint a personality”


And that’s what I tried with this portrait. Quoting my very talented friend Vítor Sousa:
Há mulheres que descendem do sol. Na langue inconsciência do ventre materno, firmam um pacto com o fogo. Já nascem indómitas, rebelando-se contra a força sugadora de Prometeu, que resgata o fogo dos recessos. Crescem semeando faúlhas quando respiram. Por vezes, num capricho estouvado, beijos perdidos ateiam fogo ao fado. Fervem, então, reminiscências da eternidade barricadas na aridez da ausência. (…) Há mulheres que descendem do sol. São pirómanas de almas.

[There are women who descend from the sun. In the languid unconscious of the motherly womb, they sign a pact with fire. They are born already untameable, rebelling against the absorbing force of Prometheus, who rescues the fire from the recesses. Thew grow seeding cinders when they breathe. Sometimes, in a careless whim, lost kisses ignite fire to fate. Boiling, then, reminiscences from eternity barricaded in the aridness of absence. (…) There are women who descend from the sun. They are pyromaniacs of souls.]

( – with unworthy translation to english by me. even if it is impossible to preserve the pure crystalline beauty of the original portuguese text)

David Lloyd’s KICKBACK: Essential Graphic Novel

EN Some time ago, a gracious editor from the ESQUIRE (Middle East) magazine contacted me because they were running a feature about “ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS” recommended by Comic Book Stores from all over the world. I sent them my contribution (recommending David Lloyd’s KICKBACK – a BLOODY BRILLIANT Graphic Novel).

Today I received a “Limited Edition” of the issue where my text was published. These are the (beautifully designed) pages with the recommendations from all over the world, published in ESQUIRE:



And for those interested in reading about the Graphic Novel KICKBACK, written and illustrated by the brilliant David Lloyd, here is the text:


You can search for this Graphic Novel (and many others) at the Livraria Sétima Dimensão [Seventh Dimension Bookstore]: